Offline Enabled

HospitalRun is designed to allow records to be carried to remote clinics. It works when there is no Internet, and syncs when there is.

Open Source

The project encourages micro industry around the deployment of the system, but the code is free and open-source and always will be.

For the Developing World

HospitalRun is built to provide the most modern hospital information system possible to the least resourced environments.

A Platform for Partnering

We want the project to bring people from the NGO, government, and technology sectors together to solve a world-changing problem.


HospitalRun is focused on great user experiences for clinicians, admins, and even contributors.

Saving Time

HospitalRun features are optimized for the one resource we can't make more of: people's time.

Open-source software for developing world hospitals.

HospitalRun is one of the most popular offline-first electronic health records and hospital information system. HospitalRun's goal is a higher choice to its proprietary counterparts.

The software can be deployed in a variety of healthcare environments. Thanks to its technical feature that allows use even without connectivity, it is also suitable for clinics located in the most rural areas of the planet. With inspiring volunteers and contributors dedicated to leading HR's status as a free, open-source software solution for medical practices with a commitment to openness, kindness and cooperation.

Great options to try HospitalRun

Looking to use HospitalRun to support your clinic or hospital? Here are some ways to start.

Install It

Try the DEMO of version 1.0.0-beta directly on your PC, Linux and Mac.
Legacy version is not ready for a production environment.


"Building software for the developing world is about embracing the realities of lower-resource settings as a driver - rather than a constraint - for innovation."

Read more about why HospitalRun was born.

Behind HospitalRun

Our sponsors and partners who believed in this humanitarian project.