So by now you’re probably wondering, when are we ever going to ship HospitalRun 1.0?

Well, we finally have some good news to share. After months of iterative requirements work with doctors and partners, we have a GitHub project that defines what we mean by “done” for release 1.0.

Great! When is it going to be done?

That depends on you. At our current pace, we’re confident that HospitalRun 1.0 will be released by or before April 1, 2017; but with your help, it could be a lot sooner!

What does “done” mean?

Releasing 1.0 is just the first, important milestone in what we believe will be a transformative project. Of course, the project development will be ongoing; but we want to get HospitalRun to a state where the project team could feel good about facilities downloading and trying the system. Our hope is that those initial deployments will not only drive more feature development but also the creation of one of our long-term goals: an online service for hosted HospitalRun instances.

What is the feature set for HospitalRun 1.0?

So what precisely is in HospitalRun 1.0? We’re glad you asked. Here’s the high-level list.

  • Electronic Medical Records, focused primarily around outpatient department (OPD) support
  • Queueing systems for Imaging and Labs but without LIS or DICOM integration (though you can work on it :))
  • Pre and post operative notes and report
  • Discharge notes and report
  • Quality Incident Management
  • Inventory Management
  • pre-release Billing
  • Release 1.0 Deployment instructions

How can you help?

If you’re a developer and either have contributed to HospitalRun or have considered it, now would be a great to help us get 1.0 across the proverbial finish line. You can find the project board here.

To start, join the project Slack.

Interested in deploying HospitalRun?

And if you’re a hospital interested in deploying HospitalRun once it’s officially “shipped,” you can join the email list below to receive an update as soon as the project is ready to install.