More than 1.7 billion people are living in under-developed countries,

where there's less than one hospital for every 100,000 people.

To make it worse, these scarce hospitals can't afford an IT system.

Qualified physicians are spending more than 20% of their time in administration.

With the right software we can reduce all that wasted time.

We can make more people get the help they need.

We can save lives.

HospitalRun is a web-based, offline-first, open source EMR project for developing world hospitals.

In June 18th Lisbon will come together to push this forward.

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Are you a capable developer?     What have you been using your skills for?
With an ever bigger demand for developers, it's easy to forget about the truly positive things you can do with your skills.
What are you doing?

Developers in Lisbon will save the world

Well maybe not, but we can surely make a difference.

This event is the time and place for you to be there and make a difference.

With great power comes great responsibility.

We’re joining development forces for one day where we will give a boost to the development of HospitalRun.

How can you participate?

Our efforts will be organised under 5 different teams.

A team lead by Daniela Borges will be building the alerting framework — backend and frontend. Daniela is a web development engineer that loves to play with Javascript. She is always searching to learn something new and gain new skills. She loves running, dancing, and photography, which makes her relax and observe the world. She is an organiser of the require-lx meetup and a mentor of Coderdojo LX, an organization that provides free education to youths by teaching them how awesome programming is!

A team lead by Tom Gallacher will be migrating reporting services from the Ember frontend to the Node backend. Tom is a Software Engineer at YLD, who works on the core of Node.js, JavaScript, and writes code in many languages, from Rust to Haskell. An ardent connoisseur of facial hair products, Tom definitely wins the award for best beard at YLD. Once he has groomed to perfection, he also enjoys brewing his own beer (and obviously taste-checking it).

A team lead by Igor Soarez will be implementing a business rules engine to support issues like work queue management based on payment. Igor is Principal Engineer at YLD, working as a consultant for organisations and then managing big deployments. He validates and advises on architectural choices and delivery processes. Jokester and team-comedian, Igor likes to work with teams that value quality, flexibility and trust.

A team lead by Pedro Teixeira will be supporting an anonymized research data set replication in CouchDB. Pedro is YLD’s Chief Futurist, overseeing software architecture and engineering solutions to existing problems. He first taught himself how to program on a 48K ZX Spectrum when he was only 9 years old. When he’s not saving the world from bad software design he plays guitar and drums.

A team lead by Luke Bond will select an HL7 library like supporting PACS integration. Luke is a Senior Consultant at YLD who specialises in back-end development and Linux container technologies. Luke has built many Node.js microservices-based back-end solutions for our customers, and has delivered them into production. It’s no surprise Luke is an all-star developer; he previously has worked for the Playstation platform. To kick back in his free time, Luke enjoys running and making homebrew beer.

If you can’t or don’t want to join one of these teams, you can still participate as a solo hacker or form your own team.

There are plenty of issues on the github projects to choose from.

Lisbon, June 18th

The event will run from 10am to 6pm at Microsoft, Rua Sinais de Fogo Lote 2.07.02, 1990–110 Lisboa. There will be WiFi, food and drinks.