What’s a Hack Week?

If you’ve made it to this page, we can assume you know what HospitalRun is. If not, click around.

As an open source project, we have contributors, quite literally, around the world who are offering their time and talent to this project, all working remotely using tools like GitHub.

A Hack Week is a time when some (or potentially many) of the project team comes together to work on HospitalRun and build relationship. Working remotely is awesome and gives many of us the chance to contribute time as we have it. A Hack Week complements that time with opportunity to work on strategic problems in proximity to one another while we build relationship.

We believe that investment in relationship will help us go further, faster.

So our intention to is to set aside at least 3-4x per year in various locations around the world to work on the project with a select group of participants. Sometimes that location will be a vacation destination like Lake Tahoe. Sometimes it will give us direct access to our primary customers at someplace like a CURE Hospital. Always it involves two things: something the project is providing and something you’re providing as a contributor.

So what does the project provide?

Here’s the good news, the project provides a venue and accommodations, free of charge.

We take care of your housing, work to provide a great space for the team to collaborate, and feed and water you while you hack for the week. The core team brings a schedule, direction, and outline for what we hope to accomplish that week, but like all good projects, we’re a product of the people who participate.

We also provide time and suggestions for “fun stuff to do” throughout the week, so that you can make the most of the vacation time you’re contributing to the project.

What do I provide?

You’re responsible for getting yourself there, taking the time off to participate, being as chatty as you’re willing to be about the experience before and after (i.e. social media love for the project), and paying for extra stuff you want to do on your own like skiing.

Many companies provide time off to work on volunteer efforts, and some will even pay for your airfare if you ask nicely. So give it a shot :)

Cool. How do I participate?

We vet everyone who participates, so already being a part of the project team helps; but ultimately, everyone needs to apply using the Google Form below.

Click Here to Apply

Clear enough?

Next Retreat: March 13-19, 2016, Lake Tahoe, CA

Thanks to the efforts of an anonymous and generous benefactor, our first ever HospitalRun Hack Week will be a small team of 8-11 participants held in Lake Tahoe, CA at this lodge, within walking distance of Heavenly Ski Resort. Again you can apply here to participate.

Here’s hoping we’re working together in Tahoe in March!