We’re launching a private Beta this August!

After months of early field testing, we’re hoping to launch a 3-month beta of HospitalRun this August.

Beta candidates need to apply for access to the official beta. You can do that by signing up for this email list.

By joining this beta, you’re not only getting early access to the software, but you’re actively contributing to the development of HospitalRun’s deployment methodology and ongoing feature road map. Therefore, we need to be sure we’re all clear about what we’re doing for you and what you’re responsible for.

What are we (the project team of HospitalRun) bringing to the table?

  1. Free cloud hosting for your HospitalRun instance (note: this instance should be paired/synced with a local install of HospitalRun that you’ll be responsible for deployment, but don’t worry we’ll coach you through it).
  2. A team of two vetted contributors to HospitalRun that will meet with you on a regular basis to support you in your implementation.
  3. A communication support channel to partner you with other implementers (as well as contributors) in coaching you through the implementation.

What are you (as a Beta site) required to provide?

  1. Your own local server (a relatively low-cost piece of hardware that we’ll help you decide on).
  2. Your own implementation services (i.e. you own your implementation. we coach you through it).
  3. A single point of contact back to your assigned HospitalRun project contacts.

As a part of the Beta group, you’ll have a direct impact on where the project is headed for version 1.0 (scheduled to be released late in 2016) and beyond.


If you have questions that are not already written out or answered here, email us at [email protected].

Want to Help?

We’re also vetting contributors to participate in the beta. To get involved, you need to do/have three things:

  1. Have a GitHub account.
  2. Join the HospitalRun Slack found in our contributing guide.
  3. Fill out the Beta Contributor Application.